Long Term Relationships

In a very short-term oriented world, our firm seeks long-term relationships with clients, colleagues, companies, and vendors. With ubiquitous technology providing instantaneous feedback, personal interactions continue to decline, as have long-term relationships. We believe that integrity, trust, investment discipline – and always ferociously striving to do what is in the best interest of our clients – is an extremely valuable currency that we cherish as the foundation of our firm’s guiding principles.

We have found that building relationships with each of our clients by focusing upon their specific needs, goals and objectives requires a long-term focus on both sides. All companies are defined by the customers they choose to attract and keep. Our clients have entrusted us with patient capital that enables our team to invest ONLY when the RISK/REWARD parameters are clearly and fully in our favor. Our clients and their patience have played an enormous role in the type of firm we have created, as well as in our collective success.

We strive for total transparency, openness and honesty in all our dealings, which has resulted in an outstanding client base for which we are most grateful.