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Paul Lountzis – June 13, 2022.

Paul Lountzis – May 27, 2022.

Paul Lountzis – May 18, 2022.

Paul Lountzis – May 9, 2022.

Paul Lountzis – April 24, 2022

Paul Lountzis on Intelligent Investing in Crisis Mode
Paul Lountzis of Lountzis Asset Management shared his perspective in a Q&A session at our special event, Intelligent Investing in Crisis Mode 2020.
Paul discussed several investments, including Berkshire Hathaway (US: BRK), Alphabet/Google (US: GOOG), Bank of New York Mellon (US: BK), and PepsiCo (US: PEP). Paul also explained his investment case for fixed adjustable preferreds, typically issued by major U.S. banks. Recorded on March 26, 2020.

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